Sunrise Art Deco Lace NeckLace


Art Deco inspired lace necklace, made from rayon threads to be soft on the skin. Wear peeking out from under a collar or within a V neckline (more information below)

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Geometric and Art Deco Lace motifs seem less common than organic or floral designs, but I wanted a deco-style lace in my collection. During the late 19th and early 20th Century, Nottingham was a centre for UK lace manufacture. The Nottingham Trent University Lace Archive includes many fine examples of Leavers lace, most of which are floral, ‘Valenciennes’-style lace. Fewer samples of art deco lace can be found , but many design books from Plauen hold some beautiful lace inspiration. Whether those designs were ever manufactured, I have yet to discover  but will keep looking! You can see some of the images from the NTU Lace Archive on my blog post about ‘Lace Unarchived’

The ‘Sunrise’ design is inspired by some small deco tiles, and I developed the design to include rays emanating from a central circle. The name came from an original design sketch, of lines radiating from a half circle ‘sun’. Of course, the design developed and now looks very little like a  real life sunrise, but by that time the name  had stuck. Sometimes I forget to think how a design name might appear from the outside, so involved I am in the design process!

The ‘Sunrise’ neck lace comprises a simple art deco inspired lace motif, repeated to create an all over geometric pattern. The layout of the lace in two sections creates a long ‘jabot’ style necklace, perfect for sitting at the base of your neck, within a V-neckline or under a collar. You can see this demonstrated in the second half of this YouTube video (below). The neck lace is comfortable to wear next to the skin, as the rayon lace is so soft.  The clasp is secure, with a hook and ring fixing. The ‘Sunrise’ neck lace matches a lacelet cuff and earrings in a variety of colours (not currently listed for sale- please contact for details).

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Dark Navy, Deep Purple, Grey Lilac, Lime, Raspberry Red, Soft Black


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