PorceLace Heart Ornament


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Hanging heart ornaments made from porcelain or lace. The lace pattern is an original design, drawn for PorceLace by Samantha Robinson and interpreted into lace by Jayne Childs. The inspiration came from a set of Nottingham Lace designs found in Nottingham Trent University’s lace archive. The round lace motifs are reminiscent of a berry joined by tiny eyelet rings.

The porcelain hearts are embellished with the original lace design, pressed into the clay before firing. If displayed with light behind it (at a window for example) the pattern glows beautifully. Because of the hand-crafted nature of the porcelain heart ornament, the surface pattern will vary.

Each hanging ornament is suspended on a silk ribbon.

Small porcelain heart: 4.5cm £4.50
Medium porcelain heart: 5.5cm £5
Extra large porcelain heart: 8.5cm £10
Lace heart: 8cm £5

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