Lace Skull Layered Neck Lace


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I enjoy making lace motifs with unusual themes, many of which don’t see the light of day. However, customers loved the Lace Skull design as soon as it was introduced! You Goths…

This spooky Skull neck lace has layers of lacy skulls on a fine textile chain. It is joined by a silver plated ‘S’ hook. It is light and loose-fitting, wards off evil (maybe) and generally conveys death in a pretty way.

The lace is 100% rayon and the skulls are harvested right here in my studio. Buy the lace skull neck lace in ghostly soft white or deathly soft black, or you can order it in the colour of your choice. Colour orders take a little longer, so if you need it for a certain date, like Halloween, please get in touch to check it can be done in time. Shipping is free within UK, £3 outside UK.

The catwalk image features clothing by One BC, for Nottingham Fashion Week 2016. Photo by Ash Brown Photography.

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Soft Black, Soft White