Fringe Lace Brooch


The Fringe lace brooch is a semi-circular design, available in three colour-ways, coral, peacock and black. The fringe is made of light and dark thread, creating a vibrant eye-catching piece. The lace body is my ‘Forget Me Not’ motif, which makes a simple edge to secure the fringe.

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I bring you ‘Fringe’, a semi-circular lace brooch design. The fringe is made of light and dark thread, the fringing process making the thread twist to give an ombre effect. The lace is my ‘Forget Me Not’ motif, a wee five-sided flower, making a simple edge to secure the fringe.

My Fringe design was initially inspired by my friend Samantha, who loves threads and texture. When we began designing together for PorceLace, my challenge to her was to work with colour and hers to me was to throw off my love of perfection, finished edges and smoothness. Turns out that I rather enjoy a bit of irregularity and texture! After spending some time in the Nottingham Trent University Lace Archive, I’ve seen how Nottingham Lace engineers and designers were pushing the boundaries of what they could make as far back as the 1890s. It only seemed right that I continue that tradition.

The Fringe brooch is accompanied by earrings, necklace and a lacelet cuff. Available in three colour-ways, Coral, Peacock and Black. Other colours are available, but may take a little longer as they will be made to order. Why not contact me to order your perfect colour combination?


Coral, Peacock, Soft Black


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