Charnia Picot Silk Brooch


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This silk and lace brooch has my new text-as-picot looped edging. It is a part of the text written for my 2020 MA ‘Charnia’ collection, saying ‘She found an interesting thing…’

The Charnia fossil was initially found in Leicestershire by a young girl called Tina Negus, but she wasn’t credited as her teacher didn’t believe her story of the find. Charnia Masoni was an important fossil find in the 1950s as it showed that life began much earlier people believed at the time. It was a ocean-dwelling creature, and although the fossil is very stiff and straight-looking, it could have moved in the water like a textile.  I loved creating new motifs inspired by these creatures. You can read more about my MA research into Tina Negus and Charnia on my other website

I used a variety of shapes to fill the spaces in the lace, and this brooch showcases those fillings. The raw silk colour is chosen to contrast well with the lace. On some brooches, the edge is piped to create firm border to the brooch.

The rayon lace is lightly moulded and stitched on to a padded raw silk brooch. The silver coloured brooch pin is stitch securely onto the felted wool backing. The silk brooch measures approx 8cm in diameter, mounted onto a branded card and wrapped in tissue. Currently available in three lace colours with contrasting silk back. The turquoise lace is back with red silk, the gold-green backed with cream silk and the plum lace is teamed with an olive green shot silk. The wool felt backing is dark grey to blend perfectly.

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Gold-Green, Plum, Turquoise


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