Open Studio 2024

I’ll be joined by artist and printmaker Charlotte Thomson for my Open Studio in 2024. Our joint exhibition is called ‘Lace and Legends’ and features new work exploring local folklore and myths. I’ve created some new pieces featuring the Leicestershire tale of ‘Bel the Giant’, inspired by Charlotte’s reimagining of the 9 o’clock horses at Hallowe’en.

Based in Nottingham UK, Charlotte creates figurative art depicting fat bodies, exploring the intersection of fat politics, feminism, archaeology, history and animist connection with the land and nature. She draws inspiration from folklore, Paganism, mythology and archaeological finds.

Working in paint, digital media and in both relief and intaglio printmaking methods, Charlotte is also interested in eco-art and paint-making using materials derived from nature. I’ve embroidered Charlotte’s new work of Trisantona, goddess of the River Trent, amongst other new lace works.

As usual you’ll find a mix of lace history, textile art and gifts, all in the beautiful setting of my cottage garden. The studio will be open to the public on 25th and 26th May, 10-5. Entry is free!

Follow us both on Instagram for behind the scenes and work in progress. @jcmiddlebrook

As always, big thanks to Open Studios Notts for their support this month – check out the full programme on their website

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