I hope our products are the opposite of disposable. I’m using the best of vintage design with updated colours and techniques to create the lace heirlooms of the future. I package most things  in sturdy boxes that you’ll want to keep, all of our cardboard packaging contains recycled material and are fully recyclable.  But when I’m not making lace, I’m in the garden, so I make sure everything can be composted -even the fabric and threads! Leftover fabrics and thread take approximately one year to break down in our home compost bin.

J.C. Middlebrook lace is made from viscose rayon, which as sustainable as a thread can be. The viscose is made from wood pulp and dyed in a low impact process. Of course, viscose can be composted, being fully biodegradable, unlike polyester and nylon which are made from oil and are very slow to break down in landfill.

I use natural fibres like linen and cotton for table linen, and only sew them with rayon or cotton thread, so they will completely break down when they eventually reach the end of their life. Off-cuts from production are recycled into smaller items or composted in our garden! Organic, unbleached textiles are available, and are supplied to special order.

The greetings cards and bookmarks are printed on recycled card and presented in bio-cellophane wrappers made from corn starch. Lastly, the electricity for the lace production is powered by ‘Good Energy’ 100% renewable electricity. I’m actively seeking an alternative to any plastics I have to use and am committed to maintaining sustainable production.

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