Caring for your Lace

Our lovely lace is made with rayon threads, so it is very easy to care for. The lace is fully washable! In fact after making the lace, I wash many of the designs in the washing machine before making up into Neck Laces or Lacelets as machine washing makes them so much softer to wear against the skin. Of course, I zip them into a little delicates bag so that they don’t disappear into the ‘sock-void’ that every washing machine has! They will curl up into a little ball during the cycle, so you have to tease them out before drying. It would be an idea to remove any hooks or clasps before washing in a machine if you can.

But, if you prefer, you can wash the lace by hand. I use a washing liquid called SOAK, which is great for lazy handwashers (like me). Simply put your handwash items in a bowl with the SOAK detergent and lukewarm water, leave for 15 minutes and remove for drying. No need to rinse!

Once the lace is washed by hand or machine, I lay flat on a towel for a while before  pressing while still slightly damp. I prefer to press from the reverse, so as not to crush the design. I use a medium (wool setting) iron for lace and hot (cotton setting) for linens like napkins. The napkins look super if you starch them when pressing, I love the smell of starch too!

Store wearable lace flat, either by hanging or in the box it came in. As with all textiles, if  you store it screwed up in a drawer your lace will need a bit of a press before you put it on.. *cough* I never do that of course!


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