Stories in PLace -Part 2

After seeing Charlotte’s sequential artwork of the Nine O ‘Clock Horses, I decided to created something related to local folklore in lace. (spoiler alert: it’s not finished, yet…)

I found a story involving the area I grew up and, more importantly, featuring a horse! It is the story of Bel the Giant. Bel was a boastful giant who lived a few miles from Leicester. He bet a local farmer that he could ride there in his sorrel mare in three leaps. It didn’t turn out quite as he hoped…

Mountsorrel he mounted at
Rothley he rode by
Wanlip he leaped o’er
At Birstall he burst his gall
At Belgrave he was buried at

David Bell, Leicestershire Ghosts and Legends. 1992

I began sketching giants, but I was more interested in the sorrel mare, so I drew her riderless. I also used the oppportunity to study some Central European lace books in NTU’s Lace Archive. I’ve enjoyed the possibilty of creating lace which won’t be worn, as isn’t floral in motif.

I’ve created text as a lace picot edge, telling each line of the ‘story’ with a different embroidery.

I’ll be unveiling the first three panels at my Open Studio on 25&26th May 2024. I’ll put them up here after the weekend.

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