A Sense of Place – Heart Gallery

I am delighted to show my work as part of this group show at Heart Gallery, Hebden Bridge. The show opens on 2nd July, running to 3rd September so you have plenty of time to visit this gallery in a beautiful part of the world. Follow them on the ‘gram https://www.instagram.com/heartgallery

How do you capture “a sense of place”? What does that mean to you? It is such a broad concept that can mean so much more than just the physical attributes of a location. It can, among other things, refer to a location or moment in time we can identify with and that feels special, be about memories or a cultural belonging.
Do you have somewhere special to you, a place or moment in time that perhaps brings back wonderful memories? We all experience places differently, whether they be big or small, real or imagined.

Nottingham is the place where lace-making machinery was invented, and until the mid 20th century a thriving industry employed thousands of people making lace.

All of the pieces I’ve chosen for ‘A Sense of Place’ have something to say about Nottingham. The DH Lawrence Neck Lace and Lacelet is based on wallpaper found in DH Lawrence’s Eastwood home, now a museum. The Castle Gates Lacelet is based on some wrought iron in gates at Nottingham Castle, a place steeped in myth and legend. The Castle now boasts a fabulous lace room, showcasing the some of city’s historical collection. The earring designs are based on Nottingham lace designs found in the Nottingham Trent University Lace Archive.

Finally, the framed fragments are a response to my research into lace menders, the hidden hands very much part of Nottingham Lace production. Working with Nottingham Lace curtains deemed ‘beyond repair’, I seek to restore beauty through embroidery using patterns taken from vintage Nottingham Lace patterns.

Do visit the show and let me know what you think, connect on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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