Translating Nature

The Translating Nature exhibition runs at The Hub, Sleaford from 18th March to 30th April 2023. I am delighted to be involved and to have my newest work shown there. The exhibition features work from a group of which I am a longstanding member.

We work in a variety of mediums from ceramics and jewellery to mixed media/mosaic and textiles. All members of Design-Nation, one of the UK’s leading portfolio organisations for designers and craftspeople, we came together online to support each other during the uncertainties of the pandemic. Our friendship strengthened during this time, while creativity and a desire to collaborate grew.

The project set us the task of making a piece along the theme ‘Translating Nature’. Once completed we hired photographer John McLean to photograph the works individually and as a group. Some of the group had never used a professional photographer and studio before so had a great opportunity to learn about this vital step.

Find out more about the other makers here

A photgraph of a group of artworks on a white background
Credit: John McLean

‘Translating Nature’ was borne out of many discussions in 2021, finding a common theme amongst us to produce a portfolio of work and showcase our future potential for group exhibitions. The natural world inspires us, and through conversation we discovered a shared passion for being in the natural environment. In some way nature ‘inspires’ all of us. But what does this mean? Our work is not alike in style, material, technique, and we translate very differently what nature is saying to us.

Some make pattern and repetition, taking inspiration from natural mathematics. Others can reproduce what they see almost literally, painting colours or form onto a page with ease. Others again use nature as a starting point but use the feelings and emotion of being in nature as their focus. So, nature is the subject and our work is the lens through which it is filtered. The viewer sees only our translation, nature itself remains unchanged.

See my next post for details of my new artworks on exhibition for Translating Nature.

Translating Nature runs from 18th March to 30th April, find out more on the Hub website

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