Translating Nature works

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The work I am showing at The Hub for Translating Nature includes:

Cherry Blossom (2022)

My first piece for Translating Nature was inspired by some design drafts from a now demolished lace factory. They are covered in words, marks and codes which would have told the factory hands all they needed to know about the lace they were to make.

The piece is a response to some research I’ve been doing into repair and mending within Nottingham Lace factories. It incorporates a lace curtain which was ‘beyond repair’, but has been brought back to life with colourful cross-stitch style embroidery. The nature aspect came from the cherry blossom design on the draft.

Curtain Lace, backed with bobbinet, over-embroidered with a cross stitch design. 35 x 60cm

A white lace hanging panel with red and green embroidery and a scalloped edge
Credit: John McLean

Cherub (2022)

is a larger version of the Cherry Blossom technique. The design was divided into four sections, as it’s so much larger than my machine’s embroidery area. The cherub design speaks of romance and isolation.

Curtain Lace, backed with bobbinet, over-embroidered with a cross stitch design. 60 x 60cm

A photo of white lace panel with red and green embroidery in cross stitch

Edwards & Richardson (2023)

Further research into the marks and labels on the lace curtain draughts led me to design this work. All of the draughts were designed in Nottingham and stamped with the designer’s name and address. I seelcted one of the stamps, manipulated the design and had it laser cut into the draught, partially obscuring the painted lace design. Thus, the designer is seen as clearly as the design.

This design house is proving pretty illusive, so far I haven’t found much evidence of Edwards & Richardson in Nottingham. However, exhibiting this piece may prompt memories for a viewer, and my research will continue.

Vintage lace curtain draught, laser cut 100x 100cm

A photograph of a vintage paper lace draught, with a design laser cut into it. The large sheet of cut paper is being held aloft by a person behind, you can just see the fingertips

Smaller works: Cherry Blossom box frame (2022)

A picture showing a lightwood box frame containing a white lace fragment, embroidered with a rose design in red and green thread

Rose Box frame (2022)

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