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It’s time to blow the dust from the JCM ‘Events’ page! I’m so happy to say I will be showing some of my work in the pop-up boutique at Haddon Hall in Derbyshire. A group of Notts and Derbyshire artists will take over the gatehouse at the mediaeval site from 10th to 17th October.

Find out more about Haddon Hall on their website and consider visiting, the house and gardens are completely breathtaking. I’ve designed a new ornament for the occasion based on their Boar’s Head design. It will be available to buy there and online here from 10th October. Incidentally, ‘The Boars Head Carol’ is etched into my memory, as a ten year old I sang it at the Christmas dinner put on by my school, holding a full size REAL PIGS HEAD! (the evidence is at the bottom of this post, don’t scroll to the end if you don’t like pigs or pig parts)

I’ll show some of my new 3D framed pieces too, although they’re currently a ‘work in progress’. Why not follow me on instagram for more WIPs and UFOs (unfinished objects)?

Singing The Boars Head Carol, Hall Orchard School 1980?
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