Lace Challenge Part 3

Jane Fullman kindly hosted the Instagram lace challenge in January 2021. I didn’t complete the challenge at the time, but decided to use the lace design prompts here on my blog instead. You can read posts 1-7, and 8-14 in my previous posts.

Day 15 – Space Around

I had the first image pinned up on my studio wall at NTU for the whole of my MA. It’s from a 2004 shoot by photographer Nick Knight, I love the way the shadow frames the subject but her quiff (which is not unlike my lockdown hair) peeps out of the edge. I used it for inspo when feeling my way at the beginning of my MA. You can see in images 2 & 3, my first samples using the colour palette and framing technique.

Nick Knight image for Vogue 1997
NIck Knight shoot for Vogue 2004 ‘Shimmer’
My interpretation in stitch and bead
How I shot it…

Day 16 – Strands

I expect that every textile artists ends up looking at thread-y trails at some point, and, yes I am that cliché. I love the way these paint trails drip from the graffiti tag, and found a way to add my own trails into the lace design on my Charnia brooch.

Day 17 – Woven

A picture of  white woman wearing a strapless dress and a lace necklace. The background is dark but streaked with light
Long exposure photography technique creates a light weaving

Day 18 – Entangled

I’m enjoying using my ‘text as picot’ style to incorporate words into my lace designs. Here, a sketch for Happy Birthday layout…

A picture of looping a handwritten word 'happy'

Day 19 – In Knots

When stitching onto very fine fabrics, the tie off knots are a real pain, it’s tricky to get a delicate machine embroidered design without clunky joins showing through. Here’s a knotty problem I had when sampling embroidery on translucent paper for my MA.

A picture of embroidery samples with prominent knots

Day 20 – Challenges

My biggest challenge is starting with a blank page, a new lace design from scratch. My #sketchbookwoes began to take their toll on my MA tutor! I took a day class in using collage for fashion drawings and realisations. It was really useful in imagining how a small lace motif could be scaled up. The act of cutting and sticking was therapeutic and I found inspiration in the result too.

A picture of sketch book pages

Day 21 – Virtual

Another challenge is how to present my work in the virtual world. I’ll be opening my studio again on 15-16th May 2021, for Open Studios Notts. It will be a virtual opening as the UK is still emerging out of lockdown. I’ll be doing instagram ‘lives’ and youtube videos to show off my studio and my work. It means I can have visitors from all over the UK, the world even! More details to follow but in the meantime you can check out my page on the OSN …

Open Studios Notts Logo

See the last of the lace challenge posts here in May!

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