Working progress or work-in-progress?

I’ve been thinking about how to share work-in-progress with you. When I began my MA, I dreaded tutorials. I didn’t understand what was required of me, and would simply present a ‘show and tell’ and avoided asking for feedback. I was more comfortable with writing than drawing, and was afraid of being found out (ah, imposter syndrome you beast). Growing in confidence, I started to enjoy tutorials, although I never quite came to terms with critical feedback! Fortunately for my tutor, as we went into lockdown things clicked into place and I began to see the value in getting her input.

Work-in-progress picture showing lace design and text as joins or 'brides'
Working out how to use text as ‘brides’ or joins between lace motifs

Seems like I’m still not sure what’s required, post-graduation. The pandemic and lockdown restrictions have made it difficult to plan the year ahead for my business. It’s not easy to sell through shops, as they are temporarily closed (Feb 2021) or have permanently gone out of business. So I’m trying new things to reach people online.

One of the challenges I gave myself this year is to share more ‘behind-the-scenes’ and working progress. I’m recording samples as I make them, uploading to Instagram and I’ll try to write more here on the blog. I’ve also undertaken to send out a regular mailing- ‘Threadlines’-at the beginning of every month (SIGN UP HERE). Subscribers will see selected work-in-progress stories first, so I’ll release to social media once they’ve had their update!

Threadlines newsletter graphic

I’m going to try different formats; time-lapse photography (below: an example from my MA), photo galleries and written posts about what I’m working on. My Instagram feed appears at the bottom of each JCM web page. Can you think of any other ways? Would you prefer to see the whole project from start to finish, or randomly unfinished objects?

Tell me what you would like to see and hear about in the comments below.

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