Developing my Left Lion Lace

I learnt during my MA to more thoroughly document my development process. It’s so easy to forget how much time goes into creating a new lace design. The left lion lace has been a long time in the making. The idea first came about when I was making for the 10th Anniversary of Nottingham’s Light Night. PorceLace made an installation incorporating local icons in Lace, Porcelain and Light (see the image below) For that piece, I had to make Oscar, the right lion, as it came out mirrored when Sam impressed it in the porcelain.

A couple of years later I attached a hanging loop and introduced the basic Left Lion ornament at the Lady Bay Designer Makers Market organised by the amazing Alys Power. Then this year I knew I wanted to incorporate text into my lace, so embellishing a simple shape with text-as-picot was my first step. Click the gallery below to read all the captions.

The text proved tricky on the larger lace design, as the stitching didn’t follow the line so precisely (I often have this issue in autumn and winter, due to the extra damp in the air, my stabiliser stretches!) I chose another method for the text-as-picot, returning back along the lettering with a small zigzag style stitch, which bound the threads together.

After adding the picot underneath, I also wanted to reference the city, so used my looping text to pick out the word Nottingham within the design. Using glow in the dark thread gave another dimension!

Hope you like the result. Check out the finished item on the product pages

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