‘Sprigs and Brides’: lace as art

As you know, I took the story of the discovery of Charnia Masoni as the inspiration for my MA studies. I wanted to use lase as art, but also introduce other elements such as light and movement. I’ve just completed the final lace light box-frames, having had the final laser cutting and engraving done at university, post submission. If you haven’t already, you can visit the website of my MA studies or read more in my post .

Since I wrote that post, I received my marks and was delighted to have been awarded a distinction! It was recognition of the last two years of my life, which have been so fully taken up with researching and then making the project. I’m devoting some time to JC Middlebrook, developing new lace designs and updating the website. I hope you’ll like the changes I make.

Here’s a short video of the completed boxes in my studio:

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