Embroiderer’s Guild Scholarship

I’m delighted to have been selected as one of 3 graduate scholars in the Embroiderer’s Guild scholarship program. I will receive a cash grant scholarship and exhibit with the Guild at the Knit and Stitch shows in London and Harrogate later in the year.

Lace embroidery in action

The scholarships are to support students and tutors to undertake projects which further their own practice. Working with the Embroiderers’ Guild during the scholarship year will provide each scholar with opportunities to be introduced to the Guild’s network of members, branches and practising professionals. As an EG scholar, I feel I’ve been recognised among the UK’s most exciting embroidery graduates this academic year.

As you’ll probably know, I’ve been studying for a Masters degree in Fashion and Textile Design at Nottingham Trent University, balancing the demands of home, family and study. The MA has given me the opportunity to push my lace designs, incorporating storytelling and narrative in a new and exciting way. My work in progress project website can now be found at sprigsandbrides.com

Jayne designing lace layout
Designing a layout

During my study, I effectively put J.C. Middlebrook on hold, but have plans to launch an exciting new range of designs after completing my MA in July. This autumn I plans to spend more time developing my new interior artworks and exhibiting at major textile shows.

The embroiderers guild logo

The Embroiderers’ Guild has existed to promote and encourage the art of embroidery and related crafts since 1906. The Guild has a network of regional branches and a membership of just under 7,000 adults. More information about the Embroiderers’ Guild can be found at embroiderersguild.com

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