Pattern and Sequence

19th October 2019 – 5th Jan 2020
PorceLace is my collaboration with Sam Robinson, a Mixed Media Artist, working in silver, textiles and porcelain. We are delighted and terrified to have our first gallery installation as part of the Pattern and Sequence at the National Centre for Craft and Design, Sleaford.

PorceLace street doily
PorceLace Street Doily 2016

We began working together in 2015 for the Design Factory ‘Synchronise II’ exhibition, combining Lace and Porcelain with light. After this we went on to make installations for Nottingham’s Light Night festival in 2016 and 2017. Through use of repeat pattern in motif and layout, we created a street level lighting installation using porcelain tealights and a huge lace doily, which we will reprise for Pattern and Sequence, this time on a vertical plane. The installation will include lighting and repeat, with elements available for sale.

Pattern will be represented in the motif, and sequence will be achieved in the layout of the vertical design on the wall. Sam and I will provide working sketches of the original idea and motif development, and a ‘storyboard’ of our working methods.

The motif for this collection was inspired by a lace design from the Nottingham Trent Lace Archive, a round berry I made repeat sequences within the overall lace design using this simple pattern. Having made several pieces of lace, Sam pressed the textile into the porcelain, creating a ‘negative’, embossed in the clay. When light passes through this embossed pattern, the detail of each thread is illuminated.

For this showcase, the plinth will be illuminated through the window behind, and then as the sun goes down led lighting behind the wall-mounted panel will take over.

See videos of the two Light Night installations here

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