New products launch at BCTF

I will launch two new ranges of lace jewellery at BCTF in Harrogate 8-10 April. Here follows the press release about them:

J.C. Middlebrook will launch two new ranges of lace jewellery at BCTF in Harrogate 8-10 April.

‘Fringe’ has been developed during a brief time as research assistant in Nottingham Trent University’s Lace Archive. Inspired by examples of innovation from Nottingham’s lace past, Jayne has created a collection of wearable pieces with an entirely new textural dimension.

Fringe lace neck lace

Jayne says ‘while I do enjoy working with more traditional lace motifs I’m really excited by texture colour and unexpected elements in my design. My time in the Lace Archive has shown me that Nottingham Lace designers in the 19th and 20th Century felt the same way. They sought to innovate and push the boundaries. I’ve found innovation in both texture and materials in samples books dating from the 1880s.’

Jayne is also unveiling her ‘Paisley’ collection, pre-launch teaser photos of which have already created quite a stir amongst Prince fans! Both collections feature Neck Lace, Earrings and Lacelet cuff, while ‘Fringe’ also includes a textured brooch.

Jayne will also launch additional items to her popular Moroccan Heart range and shows the D.H. Lawrence collection at the fair for the first time. Buyers will also be able to see the whole range of ‘Bokeh Lace’ greetings cards aimed at weddings and anniversaries.

BCTF is a trade only show, but both Fringe and Paisley collections will be available to buy online on from mid-April


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