Lace Unarchived

I’ve been out of the studio working on another project for the last couple of months. Nottingham Trent University has a lace archive, which I’ve been lucky enough to work in since January 2018, as Research Assistant for an exhibition called Lace Unarchived. The venue is Bonington Gallery in Nottingham you can read about the exhibition here

Working alongside the fantastically knowledgeable Amanda Briggs-Goode and inspirational Research Fellow Gail Baxter, I’ve soaked up so much of Nottingham’s lace story that some has spilled over into some of my new work. My new collection ‘Fringe’ came from the idea that lace didn’t need to be smooth (a revelation for me) and from samples in lace pattern books dating from the 1880s, showing that designers and technicians were experimenting with texture and material even then in what may have been seen as the heyday of dainty lace.

‘Fringe’ will be properly unveiled at the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate 8-10th April 2018, alongside ‘Paisley’ and additions to ‘Moroccan Heart’ and the ‘DH Lawrence’ collections. Here is a sneaky peek to give you an idea of what’s to come, and if you visited the exhibition you may have noticed two colourful samples in the lace vitrine by yours truly…

Fringe Lace Collection


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