Bookmarks for gifts

Comfortingly old-school, paper book sales still outperform digital copies in sales, as reported here in March 2017 
So, unless you’re going to read the entire book in one sitting, how do you mark your place? Bus ticket, fly cover folded in, or do you fold the corner of the page down? (you philistine!). A bookmark makes the perfect gift too, especially to send in the post! I’ve found five cool ways to mark your book. Bookmarks, if you will… Click the images for more info..

    1. Paper printed bookmarks. I love these Alice in Wonderland bookmarks from Fable and Black, available from Handmade Nottingham shop.
    2. Lace. Perfect for giving with a book of romantic poetry, my lace heart bookmark is made right here in my Notts studio. The heart is based on an old Nottingham Lace handkerchief corner design.Lace Heart BookmarkI’m also rather pleased with this new bookmark (below) made in collaboration with the DH Lawrence Birthplace Museum in Eastwood. Inspired by a pattern in the original bedroom wallpaper, I created a completely new motif and have combined it to make a new bookmark. It is available to buy at the museum and will be online shortly…Lace Bookmark
    3. Laser cut metal – Guns ‘n’ Roses, perfect for reading a ‘Farewell To Arms’ (or maybe the Slash biography?)Bookmark Gun and Rose
    4. Paper Clip page marker – Not a bookmark as such, but I just love the expression on this skull/face!!
      Skull Planner Page Marker, Planner Paperclips, Planner Paper Clip, Halloween Bookmark, Planner Accessories - Black
    5. Cute Corners – here’s an easy how-to video if you fancy making your own..


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