Lighting Lace

I’ve long been fascinated by the idea of lighting lace pieces. I’ve spent a little time exploring the idea of light and lace and plan to launch a small collection of lighting pieces at BCTF London in September. Hopefully there will be small lanterns and some larger lampshades. Last night I took the lanterns outside for a photoshoot in the trees. However, the wind had other ideas…

This slo-mo video captures some of the detail, we will have to wait for a still night for the rest!

The photos below show some of the ideas and work in progress:

The possibilities are endless and I have had to be strict with myself to limit the initial range to just a few items. I’m testing the idea to begin with, and if it seems popular I will develop it further next year. You will be able to buy some of these items at the Christmas shows I’m attending (see the events page for details)


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