10 Great Lace Gifts to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

The number 13 is seen as unlucky for some… but if you make it to 13 years of marriage you are luckier than most. In the UK, we generally give lace gifts for the 13th Anniversary (I think it’s 8th in the US). Here’s 10 great lace gifts to mark your Wedding Anniversary, though they’d be perfect for any celebration! Click the image for more information

  1. Lace art – Nottingham-based Jason Holroyd’s pieces are redolent with emotion for the lost lace industry Class Dismissed Papercut
  2. Lace ceramics – Light up your anniversary with a ceramic tea light holder impressed with lace PorceLace tealights
  3. Lace card – Give a personalised Lace Wedding Anniversary card like this one from Sarah Manton Sarah Manton lace papercut
  4. Neck Lace – Wear lace, around your neck… Necklace, geddit?OakLeaf Neck Lace
  5. Lace holiday- why not visit Nottingham Contemporary and marvel at it’s concrete lace exterior? Photo by Martine Hamilton KnightLace-detail-on-Nottingham-C
  6. Lace phone case – call him up, now! IPhone lace cover
  7. Silver Lace – Stun your partner with solid silver lace jewellery from Brigitte Adolph
    Nottingham Heritage Lace Bracelet
    Nottingham Heritage Lace Bracelet


  8. Lace cufflinks Lace Cufflinks
  9. Lace decals – get your walls a lace skull tattoo Skull Wall Tattoo
  10. Lace earrings – classic, understated. Just like the two of you 🙂 Lace Earring E4 Grey LilacSee my other post on Lace Wedding Anniversary gifts here


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