Come on, you Foxes!

Yes, Leicester City Football Club are in the news a lot currently. I’ll confess I’ve never been a fan of football, but am surrounded by avid watchers of the team. My sister is a massive fan, and a couple of years ago I designed a fox head in lace for her. I’ve had more interest in this design lately (who knew?) so I developed a smaller, card sized ornament to compliment it. You can see more detail and order by visiting my online shop, just click the images below!

Lace Fox Card Lace Fox Head

I grew up in an industrial village in Leicestershire. The textiles industry was still clinging on, and there were still working factories. I loved sewing and textiles from a very young age, and learned to sew on my treadle sewing machine, passed down from my Nana. My mum’s still into sewing and we have shared our interest in many ways. She’ll be helping out when I open my studio for Open Studios Notts on 21-22nd May.

Open Studios Notts LogoA passion she never shared with me was my love of horses. The village had a riding school and I spent most of my childhood riding, thinking about riding and drawing horses.  I never owned my own pony, which was a source of sadness at the time, but now I think it left me more time to develop my creative skills. The countryside around my home rang to the sound of the fox hunt, the Quorn Hunt being based there at that time. Leicestershire is famous fox-hunting territory, rolling fields divided by cut and laid hedges, great for jumping. Fox hunting has now been banned across the country but something of the heritage lives on. The county is shaped like a fox head, and that local football team uses a fox as it’s emblem. Jayne on Pony in Appleby

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