Lace Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Recently I celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary, which brought to mind how many people find their way here when looking for an anniversary gift. My mum has always sent us gifts according to tradition. these stopped when we reached 15 years, at which time the British tradition pauses until one makes it to 20. I guess these years aren’t seen as worthy of special gifts, but in reality years 16 to 19  get us to 20, so they are just as important!

I did a little searching online and found this chart of wedding anniversary gifts on Wikipedia, and learned that the traditional 20th anniversary gift is China. He’s not taking me to China on holiday and moving house prevented him buying a china teapot. Eventually, my husband bought my favourite Hokusai print, which is kind of Oriental, except he was Japanese not Chinese! I really enjoy Hokusai’s block prints, his love of Mount Fuji and desire to capture the ordinary lives of workers like fishermen and craftspeople. Brigitte and I used Japanese-inspired designs for our Madame Butterfly collection in silver lace and I plan to use a cherry blossom in my lace very soon.

But back to wedding anniversary gifts… I have always thought that, here in the UK, lace was traditionally given on the 13th anniversary, but it turns out that is a US tradition. Still, I think 13 should be a lucky number for some, and why not a lace-maker? On the modern list lace is given at year 8, and another customer recently bought lace for his 39th anniversary.

A simple lace gift could be a small pair of earrings, a lace brooch or even a lace heart ‘With Love’ card. Why not head over to the online shop to see what you could give?

Lace Wedding Anniversary gift


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