Neon Lace Brights

I love these colourful neon lace cuffs! They are part of a limited edition lace jewellery range to echo this season’s neon bright colours. I can’t get enough of the pink cuff, but if that’s too much for you, how about a shot of colour in a gunmetal grey lacelet?Neon lace cuffs

The neon lace is just so bright and cheerful, and a great way to show that you know about current fashion trends, without committing to a whole outfit! The dye is only bright enough in a synthetic fibre, so the neon lace is made from 100% polyester thread which has a slightly matt finish. The lace cuff is fastened with a cute pearl button and is fully washable.

When I was in Germany I noticed so many bright things, my favourite things were in a local art shop that Brigitte and I enjoy visiting together! If you saw me at Eunique you’ll know I had a whole neon collection including earrings, necklaces and an amazing large Jasper necklace, which all pretty much sold out during the show. I’m getting stuck back in with making so will upload them to the shop as they become available.

Neon Spray Cans  Neon Papers  Neon Cards Papers  Neon Lace on display

I’ve just listed the cuffs in the shop so why not head over and treat yourself?



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