Collaboration Station!

I really enjoy working with other makers. It inspires me to be more productive and to innovate in my own work when I see what they are doing in their chosen medium. Recently on a Creative Twinning trip to Karlsruhe in Germany I hooked up with Brigitte to talk about our silver lace collections. We are both busy people (especially Brigitte after a fantastically successful Inhorgenta) so we don’t move forward very quickly with this side project. But I think we have a new motif to work on and a development in our existing ‘Lotus’ design.

Lace and ceramic wall tile

Recently Clare Gage and I were invited to exhibit our collaborative collection at Walford Mill in Dorset. Clare has been storing our wall pieces since ‘Synchronise’ ended and I was delighted to see they could have another outing in the south of the country. I unwrapped them to have another look and had my breath taken away by how beautiful they are (even if I say so myself!)

a Creative Take on lace

Closer to home, I’m just starting a new collaboration with Leicester ceramicist Samantha Robinson. Sam’s work is a ‘creative take’ on everyday objects and we are just starting out in our work together. I’m interested to work with shapes and motifs that you wouldn’t expect to see in lace, perhaps solid objects that are usually unyielding to the touch. I don’t want to say to much right now, but our first afternoon together was great and I’m excited to get things going.




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