Unusual Lace

One of the favourite boards on my Pinterest page is called ‘Lace in Unusual Places‘. I am fascinated when I find this delicate and romantic textile used in concrete or metal work. I love seeing lacy patterns within other materials, perhaps wrought iron work or in the x-ray image of a seashell. I also like to see lace patterns applied to surfaces you wouldn’t expect, like in carved pumpkins for Halloween or crocheted manhole covers.

Eagle Lace

I like to see lace motifs that make you look twice, so when I started working on large lace designs to frame, I was keen to include unexpected images and shapes. So, nestling amongst the hearts and stars you’ll find an eagle, talons flashing to catch it’s prey. I called this piece ‘Place of Eagles’. I live in a part of Nottingham called Arnold, named after the old English word ‘Ernhale’, which translates to Place of Eagles. I like to imagine the time when Eagles soared over the rolling hills and woods of this area, maybe swooping down to catch a fish from the streams hereabouts or snatching a lamb from the fields! This very limited edition piece sold over Christmas, so I’m making another, but I don’t plan to make more than 10 of this design.Framed Lace

Romance is very much on people’s minds at this time of year, encouraging me to make lace hearts in small and large sizes. The large 50cm frame heart¬† is based on the ‘Jasper’ motif, using leaves and flowers to create the outline , whereas ‘Trefoil’ motifs outline a soft lace mesh on the smaller design in 25cm frame size .Framed lace heart


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