Lace Artwork

I’ve been working on some new ideas for decorative lace panels. Inspired by the sample books I saw in the Lace Archive at Nottingham Trent University, I began playing with the idea of mounting and framing lace pieces. Lace Heart

The first design is a simple heart silhouette, mounted using short pins (referencing the way that bobbin lace is made by hand over pins) and framed in a simple black or white box frame. The fact that the lace is mounted away from the background means you get interesting shadow depending on the angle of the light. For that reason, so far I’ve focussed on white lace but hope to introduce colours, which are much more interesting to me.

Lace Heart Pins

They’re still a work in progress but I hope to exhibit the first collection in Gedling Borough Council Offices in September, and of course you’ll be able to purchase them right here! Let me know what you think.Framed Lace Designs


Update – this is the latest work, total size 50cm square. It was a bit of a mission to get it all right but I am happy with this now!


The amount of work going into them means they will definitely be limited edition and the prices from £40 to £100 reflect that. But I think you’ll agree all sizes could look fantastic hanging on a living room wall or decorating a bedroom- a little bit of original lace, made from scratch right here in Nottingham!


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