Schmuck Magazine Award Winner!

I’m delighted to announce that the silver cuff made by Brigitte Adolph from my lace has won FIRST PRIZE in German ‘Schmuck’ (Jewellery) magazine!

Here’s the link to the story and a translation of the editorial:

“Congratulations to the winners!
soft, feminine and playful – that present the winners of this year’s Jewellery Awards in the “Schmuck Magazine”. A thrilling trilogy, which reflects both the vote of our readers as well as the opinion of the professional jury. We are delighted with the award winners on the success and thank you especially to all participants in the competition for their commitment.

A high-class competition is decided. The awards ceremony of the jewellery has been one year to the highlights of the industry. 2012, the participants presented exceptionally versatile and sophisticated – not an easy task, therefore, elect to be so many great, but also very different pieces of the winners. The division into the categories of “Innovation”, “Classic” and “luxury” was carried out by the participants themselves – designers, manufacturers, jewellers who stand each with a piece of jewelry from the current production of the free program. 29 submissions of innovative jewellery, 24 the topic Classical assigned candidates and 23 candidates in the field of luxury. Anyone looking at the number of participants, presented in our issue 2/2012, the creativity of the jewellery makers only pay tribute
To determine the winner, the five Best readers’ poll a jury presented for final vote – the four ladies and gentlemen, we present to the next page. The point system brought a clear result – but also a field lying close together. Therefore we have decided to present you with the top three alongside the runners.
We thank not only the producers and creatives for their papers, but of course our readers and the jury for their participation. As difficult as it is to collect objective assessments, so we do our best to achieve just this.”


Silver Lace Cuff
Brigitte Adolph: Bangle “Nottingham Heritage”, Silver 925, DESIGNER COMMENT: “The Nottingham Heritage Collection is a project with the English lace-maker Jayne Childs. The collection is available in fair trade silver. ”



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