Catching up with my Creative Twin

The recent Creative Twinning trip to Karlsruhe went so well for me! I was so happy to gain a new trade customer …werkstoff in Darmstadt, made lots of new friends and customers at Eunique (see this blog for a super write up from Anja) and met up a couple of times with Brigitte Adolph, ‘my Creative Twin’!

We were able to spend some time at Brigitte’s atelier in Karlsruhe and, oh boy, what a lovely place it is! Nestled behind a plain looking apartment block, the driveway is bordered by a wisteria just about to burst into flower -with trees and birds chirping, it’s an idyllic spot to be creative! The studio is glass along one side and Brigitte told me she and her fellow jewellers, Leonore and Christine spend some time each day watching the birds and other wildlife -I was introduced to their resident red squirrel, who was busy finding a spot for his acorn! Having never seen a red squirrel, I was fascinated!

But then, down to work. We discussed my visit to the Nottingham Trent University lace archive in March and looked at some of the pictures I had taken. We decided to create an entirely new collection based on a design book I found there. It is a book of designs purchased by one of the Nottingham Lace factories at  a World Fair in the early part of the 20th Century. The designs had been published by a German design firm called C.P. Schulz and Co of Plauen. Brigitte told me that Plauen lace is the name for a style of German lace.

It seems right to draw our inspiration from drawings that had travelled from Germany to Nottingham, for a new collaborative collection between German and Nottingham designers. We both loved a page of Oriental designs and started work planning some long earrings, a bracelet and maybe a brooch design.  I’m working on the lace part now, once I’m happy with it, I’ll send some to Brigitte to work her silvery magic!


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