See you at Sock?

I’m going back to my home town of Loughborough this weekend to exhibit at SOCK 2012.  I’m really looking forward to it -the last time I was in Loughborough Town Hall was for my 6th Form Ball some time ago!

New Oak Leaf design
New Oak Leaf Neck Lace

I can’t wait to see the public reaction to my new 2-tone lace designs. It’s quite a nerve wracking experience- you work alone for many days, only to emerge blinking into the sunlight holding aloft a new creation, hoping it won’t be rejected! I’m amazed at how my work has developed in the last 12 months, this time last year I was nervously eyeing up my first show with real customers and now I’m presenting new work and hoping people like it. Time will tell.

If you are coming to Sock, please do come and say hello, it can be a long day for us exhibitors, I promise I won’t bite if you catch my eye. I love taking about lace and don’t get out much, so please come tell me what you think!

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