Lace Jewellery

When I began sewing lace, the first thing I made was a deep lace cuff in dark green. I made it for myself and it fits only my wrist. I wore it all the time and got some lovely comments. That cuff was the reason I started JC Middlebrook.  The first products we launched were a development of that cuff, but were made into gift items and home textiles.

Unsure of where to start with ‘fashion’ items I put off looking into lace jewellery until this year. I’ve been encouraged by our Creative Twinning visit to Germany, especially those people buying our napkin cuffs as bracelets. I thought, if they can do it, so can I!

Creating prototype lace jewellery

Another friend shared a link to an online fashion shoot video which stopped me in my tracks and forced me to look again at what I could create. Inspired, I took out my dress form and began pinning offcuts of lace onto it. Suddenly a lace ‘collar’ necklace was staring back at me. Samples and prototypes of necklaces and cuff bracelets were tested out on friends and we’ve even asked our twitter followers to tell us their wrist sizes to make sure our cuffs will fit a range of wrists!

So we now have lace necklace, cuff bracelet and earrings to match in mouth-watering jewel shades! Here’s the colour inspiration from Pantone. Hopefully we’ll have photographs of all the colours soon. They’ll be on Folksy soon, prices from £10.


Lace necklace
Necklace in gunmetal grey

These photographs were taken by the lovely Nick Rawle, from nickrphotography as part of his project documenting designer/makers in the East Midlands. You can also check out his Facebook page…


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