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Bookmarks for gifts

Comfortingly old-school, paper book sales still outperform digital copies in sales, as reported here in March 2017 
So, unless you’re going to read the entire book in one sitting, how do you mark your place? Bus ticket, fly cover folded in, or do you fold the corner of the page down? (you philistine!). A bookmark makes the perfect gift too, especially to send in the post! I’ve found five cool ways to mark your book. Bookmarks, if you will… Click the images for more info..

    1. Paper printed bookmarks. I love these Alice in Wonderland bookmarks from Fable and Black, available from Handmade Nottingham shop.
    2. Lace. Perfect for giving with a book of romantic poetry, my lace heart bookmark is made right here in my Notts studio. The heart is based on an old Nottingham Lace handkerchief corner design.Lace Heart BookmarkI’m also rather pleased with this new bookmark (below) made in collaboration with the DH Lawrence Birthplace Museum in Eastwood. Inspired by a pattern in the original bedroom wallpaper, I created a completely new motif and have combined it to make a new bookmark. It is available to buy at the museum and will be online shortly…Lace Bookmark
    3. Laser cut metal – Guns ‘n’ Roses, perfect for reading a ‘Farewell To Arms’ (or maybe the Slash biography?)Bookmark Gun and Rose
    4. Paper Clip page marker – Not a bookmark as such, but I just love the expression on this skull/face!!
      Skull Planner Page Marker, Planner Paperclips, Planner Paper Clip, Halloween Bookmark, Planner Accessories - Black
    5. Cute Corners – here’s an easy how-to video if you fancy making your own..

Open Studios ‘Cotgrave Creatives’

The second weekend in May dawned a bit damp but bright, so we made the best of it with Open Studio, cakes and hot drinks. The first afternoon became cool but we had kids decorating the garden with drawings and colour, design your own lace design and a good amount of chilly chillin’!

Sunday was the better day, weather- and visitor numbers-wise. Our Open Studios sign brought in a number of passers-by and neighbours, which was lovely. A local group actually sat down to brain storm the idea of having an Open Gardens Trail next year. I love the idea, although the prospect of tidying both studio AND garden for such a thing is a tad overwhelming!

Open Studios Gang

My fellow openers, illustrator Charlotte Thomson and photographer Grace Eden, had created new work for the weekend and I was showing my new ‘Bokeh’ lace cards for the first time. Donations for refreshments meant we could give just under £20 to Ash Lea School, who are providing education for kids with special needs from across the county. Thank you to everyone who came along, on either day. It was great to see you and we hope you’ll be back next year!

The photos you see here are from Charlotte and Grace, I was so busy doing teas and washing up I forgot to take any pictures! I’m waiting for more photos from Grace Eden and will add them here. Updated: Thanks also to Grace for this lovely group shot!

Next month (24-25th June) I’ll be taking part in Wymeswold Open Gardens and Art Trail and then will be popping-up at part of ‘Design at Central’ in London 27-30th June

Lights, Camera…

Not one to leave it to the last minute, I’m taking photos of my new lampshades today! The trade show starts on Sunday, which means I have loads of time to pack the car and get all my things ready.

The new lampshades are dark, in colour and motif. They feature the skull and eagle designs, made in black lace on a semi-opaque backing. The backing is cut from behind the lace design, so you’ll see the lace whether the light’s on or off! They’ll be available to buy once the trade show is over, so keep an eye out in the shop! I’ll let you know on Twitter and Facebook  when the shop has been updated.

Ernhale lace lamp


JC Middlebrook Copyright: Nigel King 2016

Lace covered concrete box Nottingham Contemporary played host to their annual contemporary craft fair last weekend. This is my favourite craft fair of the year, being busy, local (to me) and packed full of contemporary handmade gifts and art. Plenty of illustrators, jewellers, textile artists and other makers gathered together in The Space, a concrete cube in the lower part of the brutalist gallery. I always enjoy the evening preview- a mince pie and mulled wine-fuelled buying frenzy – it’s a great start to the weekend!

I designed a new display this year, to incorporate my lighting and jewellery ranges. Being Christmas I had a 2-D Christmas tree of lace ornaments, which was well depleted by the end of the show. I was really happy with the response to my skulls and more unusual geometric lace design, Sunrise.

JC Middlebrook – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

I was lucky enough to be visited by two photographer friends of mine, who took some great shots of the fair. Nigel King @NigelBig brought along his 360° camera, it’s such fun to use, and especially in this venue. Ash Brown @ashbrownphoto came along to check up on our collaborative Christmas card sales (they were good!) and took some pics with his favourite wide angled lens. He even managed to talk his way into the tech gallery for a usually hidden angle.

Copyright: Ashley Brown 2016

Copyright: Ashley Brown 2016


More lights!

A new lace lantern I’ve been working on. Available to buy direct from Harley Art Market this weekend 25-27th Nov 2016, and Nottingham Contemporary Craft Fair the weekend after 2-4th Dec 2016. Hopefully it’ll available online very soon! What do you think?

6 Great Halloween Style Ideas from Independents

‘Halloween style’ can mean many different things, from CosPlay to ‘high fashion’ to full on Goth darkness, and everything in between. But before we begin I feel I should come clean: when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, we didn’t celebrate Halloween. However, as a teenager I grew to love skulls, darkness and ‘death’, so I’m all for celebrating the style of Halloween.Goth JC Middlebrook

In true zombie fashion, I’ve *stumbled* upon these great Halloween style ideas for you to celebrate your inner goth. I’m fairly sure the girl above would have approved…

1. Iridescent red and black feather epaulettes

Large red and black iridescent feather epaulettes for Halloween

Add this set of Iridescent red and black feather epaulettes to a black vest for instant steam-punk style and loads of drama. This maker has many styles of feather epaulettes, but I love these for being both ‘goth’ and adding a crash of colour. They’d actually look great with almost any Halloween style, I reckon.

2. Poison bottle

Ceramic poison bottle by Jillian Riley

Swig from a stylish poison bottle by Jillian Riley. This is probably the *most* Halloween-esque from Jillian’s collection called The Birds (appropriately enough). They’re all amazing and dark, and this is only one of my favourites.

3. Bride of Frankenstein brooch

Bride of Frankenstein Brooch, Rockabilly, Pinup, Horror, Jewellery, Halloween

Celebrate the queen of the streak with a Bride of Frankenstein Brooch. Absolutely loving the beauty spot and she’s definitely trouble with those killer red lips.

4. Black Goth leggings/pants

Extravagant Black Leggings, Casual Long Black Goth Pants

Every goth needs black leggings amirite?! No trick, only treat – these Black Goth Pants are both extravagant and modern, as well as super stylish. I love finding great fashion items from independent makers, and these are absolutely killing it.

5. Wintercroft paper masks

Wintercroft Horned Skull Mask- Build your own costume for Halloween

Disguise your own skull with a Wintercroft paper mask. There are loads to choose from, some in fantastic colours, so you’ll definitely find something you like for your Halloween partay requirements. They’re made from recycled card and you build the mask yourself – dead easy.

6. JC Middlebrook skull necklace

Lace skull chain necklace by JC Middlebrook for you Halloween style

You’ll look ghoulgeous in my JC Middlebrook Skull chain necklace. There’s actually several items of lace skull jewellery available including more neck lace and some earrings. The skull motif design is lighthearted rather than ‘scary’ so these could be the perfect fun accent to a Halloween outfit.


Lace Lantern Lights

I’ve been busily preparing for BCTF London, and as you know, working on some new lighting products to launch there. The show is only a week away, so I will give you a sneak preview of some of the lace lantern lights I’ve made. They will be available to buy online soon, for shipping after I return from the show on 13th September. They will be £25, plus postage. **UPDATE- you can buy the first in the range here**

The Lace Lantern Lights are made from specially made fabric (cotton organdie with rayon thread stitching) and embellished with a new lace design that I have called ‘Forget Me Not’, inspired by the flower of that name. Each lantern has a small lace ‘dangler’ made from the same design. They have a rigid PVC liner and stand approximately 13cm tall, with a 10cm diameter. They can ONLY be used with a battery powered LED tealight or other light. I particularly like the EggLite, (available to buy from The Hanging Lantern Company) as it give a stronger light which shows off the lace really nicely.

I have also produced a lantern with a lace heart, which can be personalised with two initials, perfect for a wedding or anniversary gift! Photo below..

Lace Lantern Monogram

And the great thing about this little lantern is that when not being used as a light, it can hold a jam jar of flowers!

Lace Lantern Flowers

Lighting Lace

I’ve long been fascinated by the idea of lighting lace pieces. I’ve spent a little time exploring the idea of light and lace and plan to launch a small collection of lighting pieces at BCTF London in September. Hopefully there will be small lanterns and some larger lampshades. Last night I took the lanterns outside for a photoshoot in the trees. However, the wind had other ideas…

This slo-mo video captures some of the detail, we will have to wait for a still night for the rest!

The photos below show some of the ideas and work in progress:

The possibilities are endless and I have had to be strict with myself to limit the initial range to just a few items. I’m testing the idea to begin with, and if it seems popular I will develop it further next year. You will be able to buy some of these items at the Christmas shows I’m attending (see the events page for details)

10 Great Lace Gifts to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

The number 13 is seen as unlucky for some… but if you make it to 13 years of marriage you are luckier than most. In the UK, we generally give lace gifts for the 13th Anniversary (I think it’s 8th in the US). Here’s 10 great lace gifts to mark your Wedding Anniversary, though they’d be perfect for any celebration! Click the image for more information

  1. Lace art – Nottingham-based Jason Holroyd’s pieces are redolent with emotion for the lost lace industry Class Dismissed Papercut
  2. Lace ceramics – Light up your anniversary with a ceramic tea light holder impressed with lace PorceLace tealights
  3. Lace card – Give a personalised Lace Wedding Anniversary card like this one from Sarah Manton Sarah Manton lace papercut
  4. Neck Lace – Wear lace, around your neck… Necklace, geddit?OakLeaf Neck Lace
  5. Lace holiday- why not visit Nottingham Contemporary and marvel at it’s concrete lace exterior? Photo by Martine Hamilton KnightLace-detail-on-Nottingham-C
  6. Lace phone case – call him up, now! IPhone lace cover
  7. Silver Lace – Stun your partner with solid silver lace jewellery from Brigitte Adolph
    Nottingham Heritage Lace Bracelet

    Nottingham Heritage Lace Bracelet


  8. Lace cufflinks Lace Cufflinks
  9. Lace decals – get your walls a lace skull tattoo Skull Wall Tattoo
  10. Lace earrings – classic, understated. Just like the two of you 🙂 Lace Earring E4 Grey LilacSee my other post on Lace Wedding Anniversary gifts here